Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautifulWilliam Morris (1834-1896)

I understand the emotional conflict and practical dilemma faced by a reluctant seller when a piano has reached the end of its musical life, often a time of transition for the family as well as the piano. This sparked a desire to help others honor their past by reclaiming and repurposing old pianos.

Losing my mother at age 8, and my grandmother at 17, I clung to stories that had become part of who I was, and who I would become. Strong roots and solid connections were my foundation. Though I play badly, I still treasure the piano my granny bought me when I was 9. Sadly, this stayed in Ireland when my life brought me to the US.

My subsequent search for a piano here revealed the deep attachment people have to their pianos. Through encounters with dozens of owners, I learned I was not alone in my appreciation of quality materials and craftsmanship; the significance of what the piano represents. Elegant and iconic, it embodies energy and memories; is imbued with history and meaning; evokes family celebrations and events.​​

My Piano Story

​           About 

Mary earned her B.S. degree in structural engineering in Dublin, Ireland; and her M.S. in politics in London, England. After spending 14+ years working as a structural engineer, Mary now combines her structural engineering background with her creative soul, working with families to repurpose their treasured, but tired, old pianos.

Children leave home, elderly parents downsize, heirs are left to manage a loved one’s estate, and sadly many pianos end up in the dump—undignified, heartbreaking and wasteful. Grand Statement will transform your old, but treasured, piano into heirloom pieces of furniture and art that can be handed down through the generations - imagine bookcase, home wine-bar, coffee table, dining table, end-table, desk, cabinet, glass-table, decorative wall-hanging, even a bed.
 Mary likes to read and relax with a glass of wine, so the bookcase and wine-bar are her personal favorites!​​​ 

Create a useful and lasting legacy. Build new beginnings in harmony with your family’s grand memories. Enjoy the iconic beauty and elegance of your grand piano, reimagined.

Beautiful ready-made pieces of furniture and custom options are also available.